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Bike Fitting

If your bicycle is not properly fitted to your body, you may experience serious discomfort including things such as bottom numbness, burning feet, stabbing knee or back pain, sore hands, achy shoulders, or a stiff neck. We highly recommend that you take the time to have your bicycle fit to you by an expert. When done properly, you may spare yourself from excruciating pain and permanent injury. Bring your bicycle in and Dr. McGrath will ensure your bike is optimally fit by focusing on:Bike Adjustment


Seat Angle

Seat Height

Pedal/Shoe Adjustments

Seat Fore/Aft Position

Reach to Handlebars

Handlebar Height




Gait Analysis

Gait analysis (the study of human walking and running) is performed by qualified experts to identify problems with body movement, body mechanics, and muscle activity. The analysis is used to diagnose and treat individuals with conditions that affect their ability to walk or run. Gait analysis is especially helpful in optimizing athletic performance, speeding recovery from injury, and correcting chronic health issues such as:




Increased Q angle

Hip hiking (or hitching)

Ankle equinus

Pelvic tilt


If you suffer from certain overuse injuries that are associated with poor biomechanics, you may benefit from gait analysis. Such injuries include:

Shin splints

Plantar fasciitis

Runners knee

Jumpers knee

Patello-femoral knee pain

Achilles tendonitis

Lower back pain