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Massage therapy is not only enjoyable, it offers tangible health benefits as well!


The healing art of massage has been around since ancient times and offers a numerous therapeutic benefits for physical health, fitness, and mental wellness. Massage is known to improve circulation, to increase lymph flow, to stimulate the nervous system, and to improve internal organ function and muscle performance.


Many of our patients find that massage relieves:massage bellevue wa

muscle tension

muscle strain and soreness





digestive problems

stress and anxiety


Thai MessageAt Montaland & McGrath we offer a number of types of massage.
Come in and find out which one will benefit you the most.


Thai Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

Intra-oral Massage

Sports Injury

Pregnancy Massage


Our massage therapists are available 6 days a week and
are happy to arrange morning and evening appointments.
Our massage services are credentialed with most insurance companies.