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The main reason we are in practice is to change lives and bring enable greater health in our patients. 

When we succeed, it is always wonderful to hear from our patients.  

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I am a pulmonary/critical care physician whose practice is in Bellevue. Traditionally and unfortunately most ‘MD’s’ and ‘DC’s’ (Chiropractors) practice in separate solar systems. I saw Gentry McGrath recently for a problem related to my hobbies of running and cycling. He approached my problem not only with a goal of relieving pain but also from a biomechanical perspective so as to prevent its recurrence. Unfortunately, other medical disciplines do not always look at the big picture and are too focused on doing a procedure right away without addressing the cause. My experience with Dr. McGrath was superb. He has made a significant improvement in my discomfort and identified contributors to its etiology. This has occurred without having to take medication or surgery. I highly recommend ‘Spinal Healing Arts’ and have already referred some of my own patients to their practice.

-Scott, MD


I came into the office because my back was really bothering me. It took some time for my back to feel completely better because my muscles had to rest themselves, but I could feel the difference immediately after my first adjustment. It took less than a week to help with my headaches and I haven’t had any headaches since I started Chiropractic Care.



In 1984 I was having back pain and muscular spasms and I went to an Orthopedist. I found out that I had some bone on bone in the lumbar area of my spine and a paper thing disc two to three vertebra up from that. 

That was twenty years ago. My health history is degenerative disc disorder, but it got worse this spring. I had a fair amount of pain every morning. It got worse through [the next couple of  months]. I was wondering if I was going to be able to do my scheduled triathlons this year. 

My goal was to race these triathlons and get some stability and strength back. I have been pain free [and] able to run, swim and bike without pain; but running is the big deal. It’s like a 180 change from the way it was, I’m just delighted. 

It took several weeks to get where I am today, but a couple of people have mentioned how I am standing up straight and look a lot happier now. 

I am 60 years old and hope to inspire people by my case and my recovery.



I was a fireman for 26 years and I carried a pack with the oxygen container on my back. This and the falls I had on my bike have caused changes in my spine. I never sought Chiropractic care when I was a fireman because I never thought it was necessary. 

I was in a constant state of pain, with no flexibility in my legs and had a difficult time even picking my feet up off the ground. There was profound weakness between one side of my body compared to the other and it hurt to peddle a bike. 

I then had an accident two years ago on the bike where I fell off and twisted my back. Ever since then I just have not felt good, until I started treatments [here]. I am now feeling kie I used to feel. I feel more flexible, strong, and it’s fund to ride again. 

I am 56 years old, and I feel like I am 18! I have been very happy with my treatment here and I have recommended it to several buddies, I believe they all have the same opinion I have. This is a very good method of enhancing your overall health!



I came in because my back was hurting me and I felt I had to do something. When I first came in I was having trouble walking, I was feeling dizzy, almost nauseous. I often had to hold on to things to walk because I was so dizzy and my back was hurting. My legs, especially my knees were bothering me. I couldn’t go up or down steps without holding onto something, and even then I couldn’t be sure if I would make it. 

Now I can make it up and down the steps without holding onto anything! I can now drive my care without my arms getting exhausted all the time. My arms used to be so heavy and now they are not at all, it’s such a relief. 

I am a young 82 years old, and I have some big changes form Chiropractic! I appreciate everything you have done for me, and I only wish that I could get more people into the office to get the healing that you give!



I really can’t thank you enough for the EXCELLENT(!) care you give me. I thank you too, for the warm friendship you extend each and every day!! I don’t know what I’d do without it!!! 

The words “Thank You” seem inadequate, but I mean them sincerely! 

Thanks you so much for seeing me on Sunday when I was in such pain. I appreciated your professional yet compassionate approach in caring for me. The exercises, therapy and manipulations were excellent.



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